The world is changing fast. New technologies emerge. Notably, Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Information Science are creating a completely new ecosystem. Meanwhile, climate change does not relent. Therefore, the global political and international order is in transition. As a result, these evolutions redesign security, from traditional security to cybersecurity, from national to international security. Thus, uncertainty abounds. Changes impact private and public actors, from states and governments to business, NGOs, IGOs and the general public.

We provide foresight and insight into what is happening, what is likely to happen and how it affects us all.

We frequently address high-level executive briefings, large conferences, and international summits.

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Top Speakers

Dr Helene Lavoix

Founder and President

She provides cutting-edge insights on global political and international risk and insecurity, focusing on impacts for state, financial and corporate clients. Helene addresses all issues related to national and international security, conventional and unconventional. Lately, she looks more in depth into how human beings, actors and polities will increasingly have to face and live in extreme environments, including technological changes such the new AI and Quantum world. Relatedly she works on the COVID-19 pandemic. She also focuses more traditionally on the rise of China and changes in the international system, including in terms of paradigm.

She also addresses methodologies and tools for external risk analysis or strategic foresight and early warning systems. Helene has been a leading expert on international relations for more than two decades in the private sector, as an international consultant, and in academia. Link to full bio, publications and speaking engagements.

Dr Jean-Michel Valantin

Senior Expert

He is specialised in strategic studies and defense sociology, and more particularly in environmental geostrategy. Jean-Michel is a best-selling author of books focusing on climate change and security. He provides in-depth and practical insights on all matters related to the environment and strategy, from biodiversity to extreme weather events through ocean change. Link to full bio, publications and speaking engagements.

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Featured image: Bonn Climate Change Conference – October 2014 – Flickr C.C. BY 2.0.