With our dynamical actors mapping and its corresponding state of play, you will identify actors and their relationships, one of the fundamental building blocks for action and analysis.


Example of a dynamic actors’ mapping

Specific features of our actors mapping and state of play

According to your needs, our actors mapping is done across levels of analysis. We thus also consider movements and groups, and, as a result, avoid falling into the sometimes misleading over-focus on the individual factor.

Our mappings not only identify actors but also, using state of the art understanding of politics and geopolitics and decades of experience in the field – including scientific research, focus on the crucial elements that drive these actors and out of which dynamics among them evolve.

To realise our mappings, we use the expertise of our team members supplemented by The Red (Team) Analysis Society Expert Network as well as if needed by selected specialists.




请不要犹豫 联系我们 来询问行为者的映射和游戏状态。

特色图片。 鱼眼看南天 并标明了星座。这张天空的背景照片是由ESO摄影大使Serge Brunier拍摄的。