Tempobs - 用心描绘中东的混乱局面--沙特阿拉伯和伊朗

To summarize Helene’s introductory post, this project aims to develop a time-sensitive approach to strategic anticipation and warning, using the evolving relationship between Iran and Saudi Arabia as its substantive framework. But how does one undertake strategic anticipation within the context of the complex, chaotic, fast changing politics of the contemporary Middle East? Just over the past few months, we have witnessed an extraordinary series of surprises in or strongly affecting the region, such as the plummeting price of oil, the Saudi intervention in Yemen, the deployment of Russian forces in Syria, and, most recently, the emergence of fears of widespread sectarian warfare. Referring to the last development, but offering a judgment of more general applicability, the Middle East politics …

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If you are using Twitter as one of your favourite social network for scanning and monitoring, then it is worth the while adding Twylah to the array of webtools you can use. On a beautifully designed webpage, it will display the trending keywords related to your tweets, automatically identified, as well as your tweets sorted according to those categories. You can also, of course, have a look at what your favourite political leaders, media and sources see as crucial by consulting their Twylah pages. At a glance you can thus: See which signals you are following most, those that constitute themes, issues and start becoming or continue being problems. You can even discover that you are monitoring issues you had …

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在准备关于能源安全展望的书目时,我在想,如果将视觉上吸引人的方法也应用于书目,然后将其概念化为一种产品,是否会有帮助。像往常一样,这个问题没有简单的答案,如果经典书目很可能要保留一段时间,Pearltrees也会作为一个完美的书目工具出现。不可避免的经典书目 因为产品的交付必须同时考虑产品的物质支持和收件人或客户,那么传统的书目书写方式很可能要保留一段时间。事实上,对于任何使用纸张和印刷品作为支持的东西,通常的、按字母顺序排列的书目是最好的。它是...

这篇文章的其余部分是为我们 成员 以及那些购买了特殊访问计划的人。确保你得到真正的分析,而不是意见,或者更糟的是,假新闻。 登录 并访问这篇文章。