Benyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime minister is known to joke about the fact that Moses led his people during forty years in the desert to the only place in the Middle East without oil (Marin Katusa, The Colder War, 2014). And, indeed, for the first sixty years of its existence, the lack of energy resources has been a major difficulty for Israel. However, a profound change seems to be underway, since two giant off-shore natural gas deposits have been discovered in the Israeli exclusive economic zone in 2011. The Tamar and the Leviathan fields hold respectively 10 and between 19 and 22 trillion cubic feet of gas of estimated reserves, which could ensure decades of domestic consumption as well as …

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On 1 December 2014, President of the Republic of Turkey Recep Tayyit Erdogan and President of the Federation of Russia Vladimir Putin agreed on the implementation of a new gas pipeline, linking the Russian Federation to Turkey through the Black Sea ( “Gazprom to build new 63 bcm Black Sea pipeline to Turkey instead of South Stream”, Russia Today, December 1, 2014). This new project is called “Turkish stream” and replaces the late “South Stream”, which was meant to connect Russia to Europe, by crossing southern European countries. The decision of Bulgaria to withdraw from the project, in the context of the tensions regarding Ukraine between the U.S. and the EU, on the one hand, Russia, on the other, led …

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许多中国城市经历了现在被称为 "空气灾难 "的情况,主要是由于煤厂的爆炸和汽车运输。与此同时,俄罗斯正在更新和扩大其面向中国的石油和天然气管道网络。与此同时,北极和亚北极地区正在经历一次重大的大气变暖,其幅度超过了1.5米。


This article focuses on the Uktainian oligarchs. We saw previously how the oligarchic system functions and its impacts on the country, notably in terms of poverty and a weak, fragile, and dependent state. Here, we shall look first at the way to classify oligarchs, if any, and at the interactions among oligarchs. We shall then present oligarchs and tycoons one by one, separating them into two sections, first the wealthiest and most influential, then the others. We shall only provide details for the most influential businessmen, notably addressing their relationship to politics and to the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. We shall, however, also name the others, notably to allow for monitoring. Groups and interactions among oligarchs Click to access and download large image Following Slawomir …

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社论--忘记粮食安全?当美国、欧盟和欧洲成员国与俄罗斯之间的紧张对峙没有减弱并蔓延到太空时,当大多数人关注乌克兰全球危机中的化石燃料部分时,这种对人类社会至关重要的能源中的一个关键因素--粮食,往往被遗忘(关于粮食作为能源,见例如托马斯-霍默-迪克森,The Upside of Down,2008)。然而,克里斯-马顿森的文章 "资源成本上升加剧了全球动乱的几率"(通过Zerohedge的Peak Prosperity)有效地唤起了人们的注意。的确,如果你去看粮农组织对全球粮食状况的监测,到目前为止,情况看起来还不错。此外,根据...

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A Bibliography 关于能源安全的战略预见和警告的书目(并非详尽),是在从事能源问题工作时建立的,特别是作为美国能源部能源/环境安全副主任办公室的高级科学顾问(2008-2010)。能源安全和展望 Bray, David A., Sean Costigan, Keith A. Daum, Helene Lavoix, Elizabeth L. Malone, and Chris Pallaris, "观点。Cultivating Strategic Foresight for Energy and Environmental Security," Cambridge Journals, Environmental Practice, volume 11, issue 03, Septembre 2009.Lavoix, Helene, 为什么要进行战略预见和警告?能源安全的案例,(幻灯片),RSIS,公开讲座,新加坡南洋理工大学,2010年4月19日 千年项目,2020年全球能源情景,2008年。壳牌情景,展望未来。能源需求Bartis, James T.和Lawrence Van Bibber, 替代燃料...

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第36期, 2012年2月23日 一种超现实的感觉?面对如此多的可能性来选择一篇专题文章,从不断上升的与伊朗的紧张局势,到中国尽管有潜在的萎靡不振的迹象,但仍不断弯曲肌肉,土耳其努力为自己开辟一个新的全球位置,无论影响如何,俄罗斯重新咆哮的主张,继续......


第33期,2012年2月2日 汇聚?随着金融和经济复苏的信念出现,与伊朗的紧张关系得到缓和的机会出现了,严重威胁的融合也可能在背景中发生,现在在方式和手段上有了严重的网络安全成分。点击下面的图片...