The Red (team) Analysis Weekly No118, 19 September 2013

Horizon Scanning for National Security No118: If the situation in the Middle East definitely requires to be paid attention to, the East and the Far East deserve no less, as Japan seeks to change its constitution, India continues to try asserting and expanding its role, and Central Asia is increasingly entrenched as a crucial geopolitical node. Meanwhile, news and studies regarding the adverse impact of climate change are at odds with some trends in energy security and with the tale according to which “rich countries” will be less hurt, while monetary policies, notably quantitative easing, remain controversial.


Global Trends 2030 compares our current transition period with 1815, 1919, 1945 and 1989. Yet we have not known recently any global systemic war. Thus why choose such a comparison? What could explain such a puzzling choice and what could we learn from it, for our understanding of the world and its potential future(s)?


No50 - 2012年5月31日 - 点击下面的图片在Paper.Li上阅读(最好用手机和平板电脑)。

2218 - 2223 EVT - 升级 (Mamominarch)

Last weeks’ summary: In 2012 EVT, Everstate (the ideal-type corresponding to our very real countries created to foresee the future of governance and of the modern nation-state) knows a rising dissatisfaction of its population. To face the various difficulties and widespread discontent, in a first scenario, Everstate’s governing bodies implement the Mamominarch programme of drastic reduction of state’s spending. By 2018 EVT, the result is involution, with a rising insecurity for most Everstatans. The now fragile state cannot efficiently manage the complex catastrophes that start hitting Everstate in May. As a result, tension rises relatively uniformly while grievances increase heterogeneously. Inability to answer this multiform situation leads to a new political mobilisation, besides the classical old parties, proponents of Mamominarch: movements for local independence and direct membership in the Regional Union, including a powerful Movement for …

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第43期 - 2012年4月12日 点击下面的图片在Paper.Li上阅读(最好用手机和平板电脑)。

2213 - 2218 EVT - 悲惨事件



这篇文章的其余部分是为我们 成员 以及那些购买了特殊访问计划的人。确保你得到真正的分析,而不是意见,或者更糟的是,假新闻。 登录 并访问这篇文章。


No40 - 2012年3月24日 - 点击下面的图片在Paper.Li上阅读(最好用手机和平板电脑)(档案仍未恢复在线 - 3月29日更新)。


第34期,2012年2月9日 不是如果,而是何时?看起来,在伊朗问题上努力打开的小机会之窗正在关闭,而微弱的信号是对全球危机在所有国家复苏的警告,中国仍然被投为潜在的赢家。点击下面的图片进入...


第33期,2012年2月2日 汇聚?随着金融和经济复苏的信念出现,与伊朗的紧张关系得到缓和的机会出现了,严重威胁的融合也可能在背景中发生,现在在方式和手段上有了严重的网络安全成分。点击下面的图片...