At War against the Islamic State – From Syria to the Region

Between 29 September and 21 October 2015, the U.S. led coalition conducted 95 airstrikes on Syrian territory against the Islamic State (U.S. Central Command, Operation Inherent Resolve, briefing 22 Oct 2015). On 27 October, U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter announced that the U.S. would step up its campaign against the Islamic State with the “‘three R’s’ – Raqqa, Ramadi, and Raids”, involving notably ramping up U.S. and coalition air strikes as well as “direct action on the ground” – the “Raids”  (“Secretary of Defense Ash Carter opening statement on counter-ISIL Senate Armed Services Committee”, October 27, 2015), anticipating the announcement of  the deployment of a very small special force on the ground in Northern Syria (Reuters, 31 Oct 2015).  As a …

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关于 "伊斯兰国 "和战争演变的相互矛盾的信息每天都从媒体上出现,而分析家、评论家和官方声明也不乏摇摆不定。例如,2015年4月13日,"五角大楼发言人史蒂夫-沃伦上校 "强调,"伊斯兰国 "已经 "割让了5000至6000平方英里的领土",描绘出一幅 "更美好的画卷"。