Impact on Issues ➚➚ ➁ Gulf Crisis – ➚ ➀ Russia Conundrum – ➚➚ ➄ Syria & Iraq The aftermath of the Kurdish referendum in Iraq continues to send shock waves, as the Kurds persist in wanting their independence while Iraq and their neighbours, home to Kurdish communities refuse this possibility. Besides impacting the Gulf crisis and obviously the war in Iraq and Syria, Russia is also faced with a severe conundrum. Russia has interests in keeping influence and good relationships with all actors. However a factor that is hardly considered but that may trump all others is the crucial need Russia has to uphold the norm of self-determination and thus to recognise the Kurdish referendum result.. because of Crimea, …

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由Dr Helene Lavoix (MSc PhD Lond)发布

Helene Lavoix博士伦敦大学博士(国际关系) ,是Red Team Analysis Society的总裁/CEO。她专门研究国际关系、国家和国际安全问题的战略预见和早期预警。她目前的工作重点是乌克兰战争、国际秩序和中国的崛起、行星越轨行为和国际关系、战略预见和预警方法、激进化以及新技术和安全。