Online Course

Creating your Analytical Model for Strategic Foresight and Warning, Risk Management and Scenario-building


With this course you will improve your analytical skills to tackle complex geopolitical contemporary issues, with many practical examples and exercises from the real world.

Module 1 – The mission of the SF&W analyst and officer

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This module underlines the main aims that analyst and officer seek to attain, and spells out major challenges. It also presents the overall process and methodology for strategic foresight and warning or risk analysis.

Module 2 – The fundamentals of an analysis

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With this module you will review the fundamentals of what is an analysis, more specifically for geopolitical and global security issues, thus getting ready to take full advantage of the next modules.

Module 3 – Software for Analysis

photo for vendor pageIn this module you will be introduced to open source (free) software that we shall use in the rest of the course and that are excellent tools to help analysts in their tasks. They are helping but actually not compulsory as one may always use a pen and paper. These software notably allow bringing to analysis the power of social network analysis visualisation.

Module 4 – Building your graph: From Factors, Actors and Variables to the Construction of the Model

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Throughout this module, you will improve your skills at identifying the actors and factors that are crucial for analyzing geopolitical and global security issues, as well as transforming them in a way that allows for foresight and warning analysis. Finally, this module shows how to put everything that has been seen so far together to obtain a model that is usable across needs.