The horizon scanning board provides selected open source intelligence – OSINT – signals that are particularly interesting, among all those signals we identify, analyse and use. The frequency and number of the signals communicated can vary according to your needs: daily, weekly, monthly etc.

Strengthening or weakening of the trend, problem, issue:

Strengthening, Escalation
Still strong or high but no change in intensity
Still strong or high but decreasing intensity
Decreasing intensity towards medium intensity of issue

Level of intensity of the issue (HIIK Conflict Barometer typology):

➀ dispute
➁ non-violent crisis
➂ violent crisis
➃ limited war
➄ war

The signals pertain to the main issues we monitor as well as to new ones, which are emerging. Our comments are kept very succinct to allow for rapid browsing.

For each signal, you will find how they impact main issues, the direction of the trend, the level of the crisis. Keys are  shown on the right hand-side and further explained here.

Check demonstration samples and various signals of a horizon scanning board

For a board tailor-made to your needs, check our corresponding consulting page.

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