Sense-Making for Geopolitics and the Future: Strategic Foresight and Early Warning, Risk Management

As you understood, our concerns, research and publications are located at the intersection of geopolitics and international security on the one hand, anticipation of the future and uncertainty on the other. Furthermore we aim at being practical, i.e. create actionable strategic foresight and early warning.

To try to make it easier for you to meet your objectives in a complex environment, we offer here an introduction and then two orientations to navigate the website.


As an introduction, we suggest three of our publications:

We briefly present the field, its evolution and some of the challenges faced in the need for strategic foresight and early warning. This article also lays the foundation for our philosophy.

Because we realised over the years and with experience that our field is sometime poorly understood, we tried to find ways to make it easier to understand. We thus offer you a concise FAQ on the topic.

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You can also watch our video on “What is political risk” that will bring light to what we do compared with a general approach to “political risk”.

Two options

You can read articles from each section, of course!

Practice and Learn Methodology and Tools

If you are interested in learning more about how to do strategic foresight and early warning then you can read our articles from our section on methodology.

Dive in Geopolitical Issues and Stakes

If you are rather interested in geopolitics and international security, in understanding the most pressing issues and what lies ahead, then head to our section focused on geopolitical issues and stakes.

There, you will find all our articles, publications and research grouped by main themes and issues. You will find in-depth analyses, different perceptions on various topics. We also tell you what we currently focus upon, what is on our watch. We deliver warnings, etc.

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