We offer three online courses fully recorded, with in-depth reading list, practical exercises and tests. You can take them at your own pace.

Dr Lavoix carefully designed the curriculum for each course to optimise the learning curve and allow attendees to truly master the knowledge and skills taught.

You can also book supplementary live seminars if you want coaching, including for a group project of your choice, as explained here.

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Online Courses


The more you will enjoy these courses, the more you will appreciate discovering or re-discovering knowledge, the more you will have fun doing the exercises the more you will benefit from the programs.

However, as all learning programs, these courses demand commitment and work.

There is no quick fix to bypass learning and experience. There is no simple button to press to obtain tomorrow’s precise course of events – the “crystal ball syndrome”.

To best follow course 1 and 2, at least a Bachelor’s degree is recommended. Disciplines such as international relations, security studies, political science/studies, strategic studies and similar are a plus. However, attendees who are truly committed and interested can compensate absence of formal education in this field by supplementary readings.
There is no requirement for course 3.

Online Programs

Online Course 1
Geopolitical Risks and Crisis Anticipation – Analytical Model

This course is focused on analysis. First you will be introduced to strategic foresight and warning and its processes. Then, you will practically develop, step by step, your anticipatory analytical skills to tackle complex geopolitical, political and global issues.

You will notably learn to properly map an issue for strategic foresight, early warning and risk management. You will learn to anticipate multiple and sequential impacts.

Actually, explicit modeling should be the basis for all analysis.

This modeling will also be key for scenario building, identification of indicators, monitoring and warning.

More details and enrolment

Online Course 2
Geopolitical Risks and Crisis Anticipation: Scenario building

With this course, you will learn to build top of the range actionable scenarios and see how to communicate these scenarios to decision-makers.

Scenario building is a key methodology to anticipate the future to prepare adequate answers.

It is particularly useful for complex, volatile and rapidly changing circumstances.

It should be used to plan ahead for issues such as war, pandemic, climate and environmental changes, energy or water security, supply disruption, new tech emergence, financial meltdown etc.

More details and enrolment.

Bundle Courses 1+2
Geopolitical Risks and Crisis Anticipation: Analytical Model + Scenario building

Each course can be taken separately. However we also offer attendees the possibility to enroll for the two at once, at an advantageous price, and for an overall length of one year. Enrolment for the two courses.

biases, cognitive biases, emotional biases, thinking, mitigating biases, analysis, normative biases

Online Course 3
Mitigating Biases

Everyone involved in analysis and more broadly thinking will benefit from this program.

The course will improve everyday understanding and decisions as well as interactions and relationships. More details and enrolment

(Course 1 already includes units on biases and their mitigation.)

The online courses are in English
We also offer payment by instalment: Course 1 – instalment and Course 2 – instalment

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