Our training courses are designed and developed by leading faculty and experts, grounded in scientific and academic knowledge and understanding, as well as practical experience of international relations, political and geopolitical analysis and anticipation analysis and processes.

They will practically and step by step help you mastering the analytical and methodological skills and knowledge you need to reduce and embrace uncertainty, avoid surprise, foresee and warn about crises, dangers or threats and thus manage risks, as well as monitor them and communicate results at best to decision-makers. See below for available training courses and topics.

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Custom-designed training

All trainings are currently delivered through Zoom or LMS of your choice considering the pandemic situation.

Do you have specific needs? Do you want a training adapted to your strategy and your aims?

After first listening to you and discussing with you, we create a specific programme in terms of length and content, which fits your activity, and we come to your site(s) to deliver it.

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Online training

We now offer two online courses for Geopolitical Risks and Crisis Anticipation:

Course 1: From Process to Creating your Analytical Model for Strategic Foresight and Warning, Early Warning, Risk Management and Scenario-building – More details and enrolment – (Course 1 already includes units on biases and their mitigation)

Course 2: Scenario building (or scenario analysis) for Political and Geopolitical Risks and Crisis – More details and enrolment.

Course 3: Mitigating Biases – More details and enrolment.

Each course can be taken separately. However we also offer a bundle for the two courses 1 and 2. Course 1 already includes units on biases and their mitigation.

New: we offer payment by instalment for each course: see Course 1 – instalment and Course 2 – instalment.


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Available training courses and topics

 Available CoursesCustom-designed training
Executive courses
Online training

Introduction to strategic foresight and warning, risk management

 ✔Course 1

Analytical model, mapping an issue, identifying indicators

Course 1
Using social network analysis software for strategic foresight and warning, risk management ✔Course 1 and
Course 2
Mitigating biases ✔Course 1
Course 3
How to deal with a large amount of information ✔Course 1 and
Course 2

Influence analysis (for scenarios)

 ✔Course 2
Scenario building and scenario analysis ✔Course 2
Indicators for scenarios ✔Course 2
Probabilising scenariosCourse 2
Scanning and monitoring for warning ✔ 
Finding relevant information and quality of information for monitoring and scanning ✔ 
Design and process of strategic foresight and warning systems ✔ 
Delivery of warning and scenarios ✔Course 2
Other according to your needs ✔ 

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