We help you setting up a system of monitoring and warning. We can also do it for you and deliver monitoring updates, warnings, and scans relevant to your activity and operations.

We adapt the system to your needs and to what you already have at you disposal.

Scanning, monitoring and warning necessitate a more or less complex set of pertinent indicators according to cases and needs.

All monitoring and warning can be delivered in French or English.

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Monitoring, Warning and Scans

Regular monitoring updates

With regular monitoring updates on a specific issue, you are in control to decide what matters to you or not.


When you receive a warning regarding a specific issue or concern, you know that you should attend this matter.

Relevant signals are thus sorted out for you. This means that you do not see the ongoing monitoring and thus are not overloaded with information which may not be immediately actionable.

Examples of warning notifications from Europol: ex 1 and ex 2

Horizon scanning board

You are rather interested into a broad scan over the horizon for a theme.

Yet, you would also like a first appraisal of major signals according to your concerns.

We can create a horizon scanning board for you and deliver scans. Format, design and frequency will be adapted to your needs.

Samples of various signals for a horizon scanning board

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