The articles in this section focus on the methodology of strategic foresight and early warning. They are sorted out by chapters presented below.

They help you find your way through the many names given to the various activities and practice that aim at reducing risk and anticipating the future.

They present existing methodologies and tools used to foresee the future and warn about it, applied to the field of geopolitics and international politics and security.

Most importantly, they focus on the best methods for anticipating future uncertainties, threats and opportunities related to geopolitics and global issues.

In the thicket of solutions using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), of offers of threat assessments, risk analysis, radars, scenarios, etc., we give you tips and advice on how to sort out the good products and service offerings from the sub-optimal ones. This part is in progress, expect more articles to come.

French translations: Only recent articles are human translations. We gradually review the automatic translation (DeepL) of the remaining 600 plus articles…

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General managers of medium-sized companies

Senior managers and leaders in public sector and third sector organisations facing disruptive geopolitical and global changes in their environment

Analysts from all sectors, including diplomacy, defense and the military, handling geopolitical threats from war and terrorism to climate change through pandemics.

All readers interested in geopolitics and the future

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Methodology by Chapters

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