The articles in this section focus directly on real world issues with geopolitical stakes.

Here you will find in-depth analyses.They are sorted out by issues presented below. You can also access our scans, i.e. information collected to identify signals, presented without analysis.

Then, we explain how we select issues and finally you can access the latest articles published.

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Geopolitics by Issues

Access the articles in this section by chapters.

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Monitoring and Scanning

Our scanning and monitoring is grounded in years of practice and in-depth knowledge and experience of research for political and geopolitical issues.

Our complimentary scans are discontinued. We only provide scans on a commissioned basis.

The Sigils: a series of daily, raw (non edited) scans. Each focuses on a specific issue.

Image of the Swedish-ESO 15m Submillimeter Telescope (SEST) at ESO's La Silla Observatory, located on the outskirts of the Chilean Atacama Desert

The Red Team Analysis Weekly scanned the horizon every week for weak – and less weak – signals regarding all political and geopolitical risks and uncertainties, as well as national and global changes and instability, using crowdsourcing.

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Horizon Scanning Board
(demonstration sample only) – The system provides selected open source intelligence – OSINT – signals that are particularly interesting, among all the signals identified. The collection of signals provided here are a demonstration sample only.

Photos from ESO Photo Ambassadors

How we select geopolitical issues

In this section, we address the major issues our contemporary world faces. These issues may obviously be part of geopolitics, for example the crisis and conflict in Ukraine or the Islamic State and terrorism. They may also surprise you because they are not usually think about as related to geopolitics, as with the COVID-19 pandemic.

What determines if an issue must be put under watch and analysed is the impact it has on the security of polities and societies, hence the larger field of “international security”, which is more adequate as a category than geopolitics.

The issues we address may be mainstream and correspond to acute crises at one stage, or, on the contrary ignored by the media and larger public.

It is absolutely crucial to consider the issues belonging to the second category. Indeed the deeper processes run in the background, often below collective perception level, but fundamentally influence and constrain our choices. They must thus be known and explored. Furthermore, they will often lead to apparently sudden crises. If we make an analogy with volcanoes, you can imagine these deeper dynamics and issues as the earth mantle and plates, slowly changing and reorganising themselves, while this very reorganisation leads to pressure and volcanic eruption. A perfect example for this type of issues is climate change and all environmental problems.

Our latest articles

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