We build scenarios that allow you envisioning how the world for a specific issue could be at a certain time in the future.

Rather than being faced with intractable uncertainty, you will thus clearly see the various possible changes ahead. As a result, you will be able to develop strategies and policies to be prepared for these coming changes. You will be able to act sooner rather than later.

Our methodology builds upon the Godet et al. structural analysis as well as military and intelligence estimates and early warning. It allows for constructing sound and valid set of scenarios. It has been revised and improved to fit the specific complexity of our issues and to incorporate new software capabilities. This is the “Haute Couture” approach to scenarios.

According to your budget, time constraints and wishes, we may also create other simpler and quicker types of scenarios.

All our scenarios and their indicators can be presented in French or English..

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Specific features of our scenarios

Actionable scenarios

We aim at practically serving decision-makers.

Our scenarios are specific to the uniqueness of each of our clients.

scenarios based on scientific knowledge

Scenarios based on scientific knowledge

Our scenarios are grounded in political and geopolitical knowledge and understanding.

mitigating cognitive, emotional and normative biases

Mitigation of cognitive, emotional and normative biases

Our methodology considers and mitigates more than the most classical biases. We thus take into account cognitive biases such as, for example, the availability bias, i.e. to believe that events one may more easily imagine or remember are more likely to happen, but do not stop there. We also factor in emotions, ego and norms and beliefs.

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