How can you not only mitigate potential external risks, global security risks, political and geopolitical risks, uncertainty and crises, but also turn them into opportunities?

How can you prevent strategic surprises and use your understanding of them to your advantage?

How can you comply with regulations regarding non-financial risks?

How can you explain to your board and to investors those external risks you face, communicate the complex and the qualitative?

We offer a range of tools that may be used as an integrated package or as stand alone products and services to find solutions

for strategic global uncertainty and risk, from AI to climate change through energy security, populism or war.

to assess and communicate the non financial, external risks and sustainability risks to your investment portfolio.

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Tools, Products and Services - The Red (Team) Analysis Society Consulting

Our consulting builds upon the research, analysis and expertise of The Red (Team) Analysis Society and of its team. It brings you the best expertise in this very specific field, from senior specialists with related PhDs and practical real life experience to specialised experts of our network.

All consulting, products, services and reports can be done in English or French.

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Products and services to embrace and reduce uncertainty

Geopolitical Uncertainty Exposure Diagnostic

You are not sure about your own exposure to political and geopolitical uncertainty?

You are worried about the general geopolitical environment and how it could adversely impact your activity?

Read more about How we Help our Clients with Geopolitical Uncertainty Exposure Diagnostic.

Scenarios and Indicators

You have identified that a specific geopolitical issue is relevant to your activity and would like to know more about how to handle it to reduce the uncertainty and plan ahead?

You want to know what to do once specific uncertainties are identified as impacting your activity?

You already have a team handling your financial and operational risks, but not yet your political and geopolitical risks?

Read more about How we Help our Clients with Scenarios and Indicators.

 Monitoring and Warning

You have scenarios and would like to use them for monitoring and warning about possible dangers and opportunities for your activity?

You have selected one or a few political and geopolitical uncertainty and would like to see them monitored for warning about possible dangers and opportunities for your activity, but without scenarios?

You have your own set of indicators and need full or partial support for monitoring and warning?

You desire a broad scan about a topic or issue of your choice?

Read more about How we Help our Clients with Monitoring and Warning.

Commissioned Studies and Reports

You have political and geopolitical issues for which you desire further research?

You need context regarding a specific political and geopolitical topic?

Read more about How we Help our Clients with Commisioned Studies and Reports.

Workshops and Conferences

  • Keynote Speakers, Speakers and Moderators for public and “on invitation only” conferences and workshops
  • Design and facilitation of workshops

The design and facilitation of workshops contribute to the elaboration of state of the art SF&W products, while ensuring participatory processes, sometimes crucial to see some actions undertaken.

Some public references…

As we strive to build a relationship of trust with every client, we do not publicize our work for our clients, do not mention the name of our private clients, nor of our public clients when the work is confidential.

Nonetheless, we can share public references:

  • OECD/Swiss Chancellery;
  • NATO Innovation Center;
  • TUIC (Istanbul – Turkey);
  • European Commission – League of Arab states Liaison Office (EC-LASLO);
  • European External Action Service;
  • European Commission;
  • Fondation pour la Recherche Stratégique;
  • Axa fund for research and IFRI;  
  • Luther College (U.S.);
  • French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Dr H Lavoix);
  • Global Futures Forum (Dr H Lavoix);
  • U.S. Department of State  (Dr H Lavoix);
  • Agence Française de Development (Dr H Lavoix);
  • U.S. Department of Energy  (Dr H Lavoix);

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