This is the starting point for our section on Artificial Intelligence (AI), with an interactive table of content for all our publications (click on the links below to access each article). The articles and reports analyse and explore the world of AI, notably in its Deep Learning component, but not only. Building upon AI research, they foresee how AI is likely to impact the future, notably for security, politics and geopolitics. They aim at building a bridge between the world of mathematicians and computer scientists and the world of the users of AI.

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We seek to understand and envision how a future AI-powered world will look and what it will mean to its actors. We notably look at the way AI will revolutionise AI management, AI governance and AI-power status, i.e. the way AI is most likely to be part of the relative power ranking for world actors.

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Table of Content

1- Fundamentals of AI

What is AI and what is deep learning within AI.

When Artificial Intelligence will Power Geopolitics – Presenting AI

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning – The New AI-World in the Making

2- AI drivers, forces and stakes

The AI-world’s drivers, forces and stakes, and major impacts on AI-governance and AI-power status.

We identified six main drivers and stakes: Big Data, Algorithms, Computing (HPC) Powers, Quantum Information Science, Sensors and Actuators, and finally Usage and Needs.

★ Artificial Intelligence – Forces, Drivers and Stakes

Big data

Computing Power

  1. ★ Artificial Intelligence, Computing Power and Geopolitics (1)
  2. Artificial Intelligence, Computing Power and Geopolitics (2)
  3. ★ High Performance Computing Race and Power – Artificial Intelligence, Computing Power and Geopolitics (3)
  4. ★ Winning the Race to Exascale Computing – Artificial Intelligence, Computing Power and Geopolitics (4)

The Quantum Disruption

Considering the mammoth paradigmatic impact of the coming Quantum Disruption, we created a specific section to study Quantum Information Science.

Sensor and Actuator

  1. Inserting Artificial Intelligence in Reality
  2. ★ Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and the Future of Agriculture: Smart Agriculture Security? (1)
  3. ★ Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and the Future of Agriculture: Smart Agriculture Security? (2)
  4. ★ Artificial Intelligence, the Long March towards Advanced Robots and Geopolitics
  5. How to Win a War with Artificial Intelligence and Few Casualties
  6. “Made in China 2025” in Trouble? – Signal

3- Artificial Intelligence in the World

The future AI-world in action

Smart Agriculture, International Power and National Interest

Assessment of Germany 3 billion euros for Artificial Intelligence – Signal

Shaping the Security of the Cyber Future – Agora 41, Strategic Outreach for the French National Cybersecurity AgencyFR

$2 Billion for Next Gen Artificial Intelligence for U.S. Defence – Signal

Impacts of Chinese Baidu new no-code tool to build AI-programs – Signal

The Pentagon Researches Artificial Intelligence Systems for Nuclear Missile Launch Anticipation – Signal

Militarizing Artificial Intelligence – China (1)

★ Militarizing Artificial Intelligence – China (2)

Space Mining, Artificial Intelligence and Transition?

★ The U.A.E. and the Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability Revolution

The Chinese-Russian Robot and Space Strategic Cooperation (1) – China

★ The Chinese-Russian Robot and Space Strategic Cooperation (2) – Russia

Google Opens Google AI China Center and Chinese Reactions – Signal

★ Artificial Intelligence on the Chinese New Silk Road

China World Domination in Supercomputers and Towards Lead in Artificial Intelligence – Signal

The Chinese Artificial Intelligence Revolution

Google Alphabet CEO Thinks China will Lead in AI by 2025 – Signal

Featured Image: Image by sujin soman from Pixabay

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