With our dynamical actors mapping and its corresponding state of play, you will identify actors and their relationships, one of the fundamental building blocks for action and analysis.

Having an in-depth understanding of the actors and their state of play is crucial for any analysis as well as for action, from finding the right partner(s) to identifying key stakeholders through anticipating how a situation may evolve.

Example of a dynamic actors’ mapping

Specific features of our actors mapping and state of play

According to your needs, our actors mapping is done across levels of analysis. We thus also consider movements and groups, and, as a result, avoid falling into the sometimes misleading over-focus on the individual factor.

Our mappings not only identify actors but also, using state of the art understanding of politics and geopolitics and decades of experience in the field – including scientific research, focus on the crucial elements that drive these actors and out of which dynamics among them evolve.

We extensively use open source information of all origin from videos to social networks, and privilege information originating from the actors themselves.

Our mappings and state of play not only include a report but also one or more visual diagrams or maps of the actors, as well as our featured dynamic map(s).

These maps also ease monitoring an always evolving situation on the ground.

Do not hesitate to contact us to inquire about actors mapping and state of play.

Featured image: Fish-eye view of the Southern Sky with constellations marked. This background photo of the sky was taken by ESO Photo Ambassador Serge Brunier.