You have specific concerns for the future on precise issues. You want a training programme adapted to your strategy, your objectives, your environment, and the countries where you operate.

You want different levels of training according to staff, from general managers through senior managers to analysts.

We design a training program in strategic foresight and early warning specifically adapted to your demands. We recommend including coaching on a specific project as practice.

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For a list of available training courses and topics, information on trainer and scientific credentials, see here.

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Examples of custom designed programs in strategic foresight and warning for politics, geopolitics and global issues

Intensive Introduction

Over 2 x 4 hours we introduce you to strategic foresight and warning for politics, geopolitics and global issues.

Furthermore, we shall focus more specifically on issues that are of concern to you: for example, oil security, water security in a specific region, or terrorism, etc.

The training is more efficient in two days to avoid tiredness.

Intensive Training in Early Warning and Indicators

With this program, over 2,5 days, your analysts will learn how to best warn about a danger or threat related to political and geopolitical issues (for the type of issues covered see here).

Trainees will also learn how to best identify and use “weak signals”.

Early Warning with Selected Software (Advanced)

With this program, over 2,5 days your analysts will learn how to use selected software for early warning.

They will practice on a specific issue of their choice.

Trainees will need to have followed first the “Intensive training in early warning systems and indicators”.

Long term in-depth training

With this program, your analysts will receive an in-depth training covering the entirety of the process of strategic foresight and warning for political and geopolitical issues.

Such a course will typically include 24 sessions of 3 hours each. Each session will be divided into lecturing and practical application on a specific topic of interest.

Focused training

We can create focused training on a specific aspect of the methodology, for example how to monitor and warn, or how to assess probabilities for scenarios.

We can also create a program for a specific issue.

Programs can be taught in English or French
Maximum number of trainees per course: 8 to 12
All trainings can be delivered in your premises or through Zoom or LMS of your choice, according to location, number of hours and pandemic situation

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Some customers and references

Ecole Supérieure des Forces de Sécurité Intérieure (ESFSI), Ministry of Interior, Tunisia, EU project via Civipol Pôle de Sécurité, Ministry of Interior, Tunisia, EU project via Civipol SciencesPo- Paris School of International Affairs (MSc in Security Studies 2015-2020/21) S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS), Singapore (MSc in Strategic Studies (2010 -2011) ACAPS Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) Vesalius College, Belgium (2013-2021) Royal Military Academy, Belgium NORDIS Civil Service College, Singapore LUTHER COLLEGE