Our online courses in strategic foresight and early warning can be accompanied by live seminars. Those are organised according to availabilities and objectives.

For example, you can plan to have your staff taking one unit of our online programme a week, followed, at the end of the week, by a one or two hours seminar, delivered by Zoom to the group.

During the seminar Dr Lavoix will answer further questions, if any, and coach attendees through exercices and a group project, focused on an issue of your choice defined correctly during the seminars.

The length and number of seminars can be flexibly adapted to your need, even during the programme, on mutual agreement.

Specific lectures can also be added on demand, or suggested by the trainer.

At the end of the overall programme, besides having your staff trained, including practically through coaching, you will also have a concrete output, more or less advanced according to the number of hours taken in seminars and to staff work.

Coaching, of course, is not the same as consulting. If you are interested in consulting and commissioned studies and reports, please check the corresponding pages.

Download our pdf brochure:  Strategic Foresight and Early Warning Training and Online Courses

For a list of available training courses and topics, information on trainer and scientific credentials, see here.

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Seminars Coaching and Output

Online Course 1 Geopolitical Risks and Crisis Anticipation – Analytical Model

Coaching on your project
Selection of issue of concern
Creation of model

Output: your project
A model for your selected issue

Online Course 2 Geopolitical Risks and Crisis Anticipation: Scenario building

Coaching on your project
Selection of influential variables
Creation of scenario tree
Indicators for scenarios
Creation of scenarios narratives

Output: your project
A tree of scenarios
Selected scenarios

Seminars are in English or French
Maximum number of trainees per seminar: 6 to 8
Output more or less developed according to number of hours of seminars

All trainings can be delivered in your premises or through Zoom or LMS of your choice, according to location, number of hours and pandemic situation

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