Mitigating Biases

Biases are unconscious mental errors. They impact each and every human being. They distort our thinking and we do not know it. We do not notice it. Yet they are not a fatality. With this serious and comprehensive course, learn to identify and mitigate practically the major meta-cognitive, cognitive (17 biases), emotion-induced and normative biases …

Scenario-Building for Strategic Foresight and Warning and Risk Management

Learn to build and develop scenarios for political and geopolitical risk, global uncertainties and international security. Step by step, you will learn to build a complete set of scenarios, with narratives and dedicated indicators. You will also learn to find out the probability of each scenario. As a result, your scenarios will truly be fully …

Fundamental Skills

Various fundamental skills necessary for analysis, training, and management

Analytical Model for Strategic Foresight and Warning, Risk Management, Scenario-building

Practically develop and enhance, step by step, your anticipatory analytical skills to tackle complex geopolitical, domestic and global contemporary issues, in a way that can be used with and by most strategic foresight and warning or anticipatory methodologies. Notably learn to properly map an issue for strategic foresight, early warning and risk management. For trainees …

Strategic Foresight and Warning Analysis

The analytical part of the strategic foresight and warning or risk management process: Developing and enhancing skills to analyse global crises, geopolitical issues as well as national and international security problems for strategic foresight and warning, risk management, horizon scanning and scenario building.