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  • New publications: in-depth insight and research articles.
  • A unique collection worldwide of 128 articles focused on the methodology and practice of strategic foresight and warning and risk management for political and geopolitical risks and uncertainties. From how to navigate uncertainties, anticipate surprises, to scanning, warning, though the building of scenarios…  built on multinational practical experience notably with intelligence and the military from the U.S. to Singapore through Europe, and scientific knowledge and understanding of geopolitics, politics, strategy and international relations.

    Some articles counted in the chart below being application of methodology are included in our count on issues and not as purely methodological.
  • More than 275 articles dealing with specific issues and uncertainties (one article, most of the time, addresses different issues as well as functions)

Become a special member of the Red (Team) Analysis Society and access members-only content, as the articles on our website will increasingly become available only to our members. Choose the plan that is best suited to your needs, with monthly or yearly payments.

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Membership – Basis


Become a special member of the Red (Team) Analysis Society for a year and access members-only content.
As a privileged member, you will also benefit from a 5% discount on consulting services and products as well as on online training courses.

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