Beyond “the Looking-Glass”?- The Red (Team) Analysis Weekly – 16 July 2020

This is the 16 July 2020 issue of our weekly scan for political and geopolitical risks (open access). Editorial: As a very short editorial, we highlight two articles which are extremely interesting, not only because of their content but also because of the publishing platform considering the content, namely Reuters. Content and publisher together make …

A Road to Hell? Climate Change and Public Deficit

Climate change is not only a far away danger. Its effects have also most probably already started impacting us, as the rising number of natural catastrophes and related overall losses worldwide show. What are the consequences on states and governments? Should we continue reducing public expenditures in those conditions?

Towards a New Paradigm?

Assessing if we are about to see a paradigm shift is twice crucial. First, and foremost, as human beings living within societies, if such a change happens, then we need to be ready for the upheavals that precede and accompany such deep revolutions, as stakes, both ideological and material, are at work to try blocking …