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environment and security“Climate change is one of a series of powerful planetary geophysical and biological change that are under way (as biodiversity crisis, land use and freshwater use, ocean acidification, etc.). These changes being extremely rapid, they are altering the basic equilibrium on which rest the security of nations, and play a geostrategic role, which needs to be fully understood, as those systems of planetary changes emerge as very powerful new strategic forces.

These forces are reshaping the whole international relationships web, as well as the fabric of nations, societies and communities. They are causing new kinds of tensions, which are the engines of actual, and coming, conflicts, struggles, revolutions, and wars.” (Climate change, a geostrategic issue? Yes! by Jean-Michel Valantin)

Dr Jean-Michel Valantin leads this section, which will explain and explore why climate change should also be seen from a geostrategic perspective, and show through concrete examples that, actually, the evolution in strategic thinking and actions has already started.

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