Impacts of the Conflict in Ukraine – Geopolitics, Uncertainties and Business (3)

With this article and the next one, we use the instability and conflict in Ukraine and the related impacts on businesses to continue enhancing our understanding of the way businesses and the corporate world could usefully anticipate or foresee geopolitical and political risks and uncertainties. The Red Team Analysis Society selected for Frontex June 2023 Industry Days Climate Breakdown: Towards War to Reduce CO2 Emissions? Climate Emergency, AI and the (Necessary ?) Rise of Geoengineering Challenge Your Beliefs with the AI Sphinx Exploring cascading impacts with AI War in Ukraine, the 2023 Super El Niño and Global Disruptions – Anthropocene Wars 8 Foreseeing the Future with ChatGPT? We review two major impacts of the war in Ukraine. First we look at the “surprising” cost of sanctions … Read more

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