AI at War (1) – Ukraine

(Art direction: Jean-Dominique Lavoix-Carli) Combat robots, AI targeted air strikes, new generation cyber and information warfare, AI generated deep-fakes, unmanned air and sea military vehicles, and smart artillery are being currently massively projected on the theatres of operations of Ukraine, Gaza and the Red Sea. As it happens, those new weapons systems are different iterations …

Challenge Your Beliefs with the AI Sphinx

Try Sphinx to challenge your beliefs, assumptions and hypotheses.
Sphinx is an AI assistant designed to challenge assumptions, reinforce arguments, and identify blind spots. It uses OpenAI’s GPT3.5 model and the Red Team Analysis Society’s methodology and knowledge base to provide a devil’s advocate perspective. In this article, we also explore the importance of challenging assumptions and showcase what Sphinx can achieve with the example of climate change.

Exploring cascading impacts with AI

Strategic foresight, early warning and risk management require evaluating possible impacts beyond direct effects. Explore cascading effects with Pithia’s AI-powered form. Discover what could be the cascading impacts of a very rapid adoption of generative AI across actors in the Western world… as identified by our AI.

Foreseeing the Future with ChatGPT?

Discover how AI, particularly GPT-like models, can help anticipate the future, and why it matters in the fields of geopolitics and security. In this series of articles, we explore how to ensure technology remains a tool to serve us rather than becoming a slave to it. The first article looks at what GPT models are, why they matter in terms of jobs and occupations, and tests ChatGPT on a specific foresight question.

Get Strategic Foresight and Warning Scenarios with GPT-based AI – Initiation

Discover how AI ChatGPT can help you with actionable strategic foresight and warning by generating possible scenarios for your future concerns. Specify your concern, actor, area, and timeframe to get a precise strategic foresight and warning question and receive sample scenarios. Upgrade your scenarios with AI assistants Kai and Calvin, or learn more with AI assistant Regina or training solutions. Start planning ahead and transforming your concerns into proactive anticipation and prevention.

China, Saudi Arabia and the Arab AI Rise

(Art direction: Jean-Dominique Lavoix-Carli) On 7 December 2022, China’s president Xi Jinping received a royal welcome at his arrival in Saudi Arabia for a three days state visit. State visits between China and Saudi Arabia heads of state have taken place since 2016. In 2022, President Xi received a royal and considerably warmer welcome than …

The Ultimate Key Technologies of the Future (3) – Extreme Environments

This third article is the last part of our “equation” to identify the key technologies of the future. We started, with the first article, in establishing that solely making laundry lists of new technologies was insufficient to identify the key technologies of the future. We needed more: a system explaining the logic behind the success …

The Key Technologies of the Future (2) – Evolution

In the first part of this series we found that solely making laundry lists of new technologies was insufficient to identify the key technologies of the future. Use of inadequate classifications made matters worse. We needed more: a system explaining the logic behind the success of technologies. Thus, we developed a schematic model depicting the …

The Key Technologies of the Future (1)

We live in a world of increasingly abundant new technologies, seen as crucial for our future. Those are not only new, but also meant to revolutionise our lives for the better. Progress cannot be imagined without technology. Technology is meant to save us all. The speed with which bio-tech contributed to develop efficient vaccines against …

Artificial Intelligence, climate change and the U.S military

AI, AI Everywhere The Artificial Intelligence field (AI) is creating a continuity that encompasses climate change science and the preparedness of the U.S. military to climate risks. This continuity appears through the central role of AI in two apparently disconnected foresight civilian and military uses. AI and climate science Climate Central published in Nature a …